Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall is coming...

Fall is almost here! Fall is a GREAT time to shape up your lawn after Kansas' hot, dry summers!

Many people believe that all grass seed and fertilizer are equal, but do not be deceived! It is very important to get the “full scoop"! Grass seed, for example, comes in many different varieties and qualities. While grass seed might be cheap at a chain store, the germination and purity might not be up to par! Read the seed tags before you buy! Some stores carry 90% pure seed or blends that include annual rye which will die out and not come back. Although 90% seems like a high percentage, keep in mind that a lower purity means more "other stuff" in the seed! The highest quality seed will save you time and work in the long run when you don’t have to spray for weeds constantly! Remember to always do the research before you buy!

Unknown to many consumers, the best weed preventer is healthy grass! Sound strange? Think about it this way: if your grass is thick and lush with few to zero bare spots, weeds will have no room to sprout! There are many different weed killers and sprays available for use, but establishing healthy grass the first step to take! This can be achieved by using quality seed and fertilizer. Also, fertilizing and overseeding at least twice a year makes a tremendous difference! Fill in the bare spots in your yard before you give weeds time to grow. Spread more grass seed on top of existing grass to create a thicker lawn. Mow regularly to improve the appearance of grass. Finally, whenever possible, keep the ground moist! Without watering, especially when planting new grass, the seed can die or turn brown and splotchy. Remember to fertilize when seeding or overseeding your lawn!

The components of fertilizer are very important! A healthy yard has an ideal amount of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash (for example, 32-3-8 fertilizer is 32% nitrogen, 3% phosphorus, and 8% potash). When one or more of these three crucial ingredients are missing, grass suffers! Nitrogen works on top growth, and high nitrogen makes grass greener and more lush. Phosphorous and potash are both root stimulating ingredients. Before grass can pop up above the ground and stay green, the roots must be thick and deep. Keep this in mind when shopping for fertilizer! Know what ingredients your yard needs more of (we offer soil tested if you have never had your soil tested...call us for more details!), and then buy fertilizers with high content of those needed components.

Stop by and talk to us about the different grass seed varieties and fertilizers that we carry!